The company VivID AS was founded in December 2000 at the science park Bioparken AS in Aas; a commercialization sponsored by the national Forny program. The basic idea was to develop an effective method for tracing fish having escaped from marine fish farms. The inventor John Brungot combined efforts with experts in the ultrasonic and microtech-field, Sverre Holm, Arne Rønnekleiv and Lars Hoff. A grant from the Norwegian Research Council made it possible to design and produce the first ID chips, to test the equipment and to carry out a full research  program encompassing identification of live fish in water. Sintef Oslo made important contributions regarding the ID chip design.

Unfortunately, these efforts were brought to an end because it became impossible to raise the necessary funding for the final R&D in order to enter the market with proven technology & products (2011).


The owner of the company is one of the founders of WaveGas Ltd, John Brungot, who per November 2015 has bought the shares of the other founder,  Ronny Jenssen. As per December 2013 the company has decided to change name to WaveGas AS as a result of an agreement with the company WaveGas Ltd, whereby all innovative results based on the WaveGas business idea are transferred to WaveGas AS.


 Human resources


John Brungot, adm., man.dir./leader of board

Ada Brungot,, member of board

Ronny Jenssen and Tom Ringstad, co innovators and patent holders




Norwegian patent: NO315396 System for merking og identifisering

European patent No 1461761; United States Patent No 20070063852/US73075337 B2 ;Chinese pat. appl. No.: 02827555.1, Japanese pat. No 2003-548160 



PCT/NO2010/000254 Capsule, method and system for controlled delivery of substances to an object


PCT/NO2013/000052 A Multi-step Gas Compressor System. Norwegian patent granted as per June 2015. 

International patent registered per 02.07.2015, Publication Number WO/2015/099538