With support from Innovation Norway (IN), VivID AS has undertaken a study which is a prologue to an IFU project (Industrial Research and Development). The main objective was to verify the technological and economical platform for the introduction of VivID systems in the biotech market.
In order to qualify for this market the ID chip has been redesigned and scaled down, reducing the outer dimension to approx. 0.4 mm or smaller. VivID AS has cooperated with Sintef Oslo, The University of Oslo and The University of Science and Technology, Trondheim.

A suitable industrial partner has not yet been found. VivID AS hence call for companies in the biotech industry - with the need for such technology! 


Innovation Norway (IN) has also supported the preparations for an IFU project directed towards tagging and identification of fish, either related to the aquaculture industry or the conservation of wild fish.  

The preparations were successful - and VivID AS has carried out the initial phase of an IFU project sponsored by IN and Skattefunn  2009-2011, involving Sterner Fish Tech AS as industrial partner on the market side. Scientific partners have been The University of Oslo, NTNU, Sintef and the College of Vestfold. However, further research has not been possible due to lack of  seed capital.

The new design with dimensions 1,5 x 1,5 x 0,3 mm3, made by Sintef Oslo, was initially tested at IFI, Oslo University. All ID chip variants were identifiable. 

 Potential partners are welcome to join us in order to finish useful products for any industry.


CR: Remote release

The company is currently working with this innovation in cooperation with our partners. Tests of the opening function were performed at the ultrasound lab at IFI, Oslo University on specimen made by Sintef Oslo. These test capsules could be opened by making the glass membrane burst when applying a proper pitch acoustic signal.


Biogas compression cells


A small-scale prototype of our multi-step piston compressor (two-step) was built and tested at IMT/NMBU in 2013. A full-scale prototype for compression of biogas to tanks is planned developed and testet, starting in 2015. 


We search for partners to partly fund, develop and produce a biogass compression pilot cell. The compression unit may by driven by a simple wind-mill, similar to the traditional windmill waterpumps used in many countries for decades, or an engine fuelled by locally supplied biogas. We can expect a major support from Innovation Norway and/or other national or EU-funding instruments. 


The business idea is to offer complete cells for production of compressed biogas in order to serve the professional energy supply market, competing with natural gas and gasoline etc


 We welcome industrial partners for joint development of interesting applications.